Slave Trade

‘I’m worth it!’ is familiar to UK television viewers

as an advertising slogan for a certain

beauty product.

O sisters! nourish your skin,

submit to the knife,

stem the onslaught of years.

Stay desirable.

Because you’re worth it!

You who have slaved

in the market place, forged

a way to the ceiling.

Shatter the glass!

For you’re worth it.

Take pleasure in savouring

the fruit of your striving

from bonds which enslaved you.

Now, give or withhold

the favours, which once

were exacted by right.

For you’re worth it!

O sisters! take heed

to the anguish, the weeping,

the tears of your sisters

far East, who are sold

in the market, for one thing

they’re worth for.

‘Virgo intacta? We have one. Or

for less price, a bargain

recycled one here,

with hymen repaired,

will afford you some pleasure.

The price you’ll find worth it!’

O sisters! Take heed

in the west, as you idle

by shores of indulgence.

The strife’s not yet ended

till all are unfettered.

Your sisters are worth it!

Take heed to the tear-swell,

quaking sea bed, the dread

surge of water, foretelling

tsunami-like justice.


Your sisters are worth it!