I am the song of the Morning Star

adorning the darkness of night

with the unrestrainable joy of the Eternal.

I am here, blazing across the Heavens

kindling a fire that will burn deep

– deep and restless

in your heart.

I am here to awaken, encourage

and disturb you,

I am here to guide you to the Holy One

who awaits you

I am the pounding heartbeats

of the three who followed the song of the star,

the heartbeats of trembling anticipation,

the heartbeats of eager lovers

searching for their beloved

The heartbeats of these

who question their own sanity

yet fling reason aside

and follow the song of the star.

I am the silence,

the silence of adoration,

as knees bend

as heads bow

as shy offerings are put aside

– – and hands hang useless and empty

I am the silence

where longing embraces longing

and love, startled by love

is consumed

is freed

is silent

and only the song of the star remains.