New Members

The Religious Life is a way of living the Gospel, putting oneself at God's disposal, an offering of the self to God to be used as God wills.

The Postulant begins with a time of sharing in the everyday life and worship of the Community for at least six months. She can then ask to receive the Community cross and habit of a novice. The novitiate is a time to deepen experience of God and of herself, to develop a ministry and become more involved in all aspects of Community life. To move on from one stage to the next is always a mutual decision by the individual and the Community, and she may leave at any time.

After a minimum of three years as a novice she can be accepted as a Junior Sister, renewing the promises she made as a novice to live and work in the spirit of Religious Life as a Sister of the Church, but with increasing responsibility in the life of the Community.

After experiencing the Religious Life in this way for three to six years the Sister may then ask to be Professed in Life Vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience, endeavouring to live out her commitment until death, through God's enabling gift.

If you would like to explore the possibility of joining our Community, please contact the Novitiate Sister or the Provincial in the nearest Province.