Pentecost 2

I am here

Flame of eternity

coming to fill the glorious aching

emptiness of your being.

Bow down, bow down and tremble

for the Breath of the Holy One

blows upon you

restless, vibrant and yearning.

For I who danced on the waters of time,

I who called the Christ from the tomb,

Come to call forth life –

from all that is barren

broken and bleeding.

Bow down and wonder

for I will throw you helpless into the sea,

and toss you in the merciless depths of life’s waters.

I will groan and call from within you,

I will consume you in my fire,

for nothing will remain untouched – unconsecrated.

Rejoice, rejoice

and you will be free

and I will lift you up

before the Face of the Holy One

and you will become

my love song to the world.